Greetings my friends,

    What an incredible time to be alive, we are seeing chaos unfold at seemingly every twist and turn in the world around us.  With so much uncertainty it is a fantastic thing to be able to rest in our Savior Jesus Christ!!!  While we are at rest in Christ we are certainly not at rest here at church. We are in the middle of a couple of small projects finishing up the playground and a complete remodel of the Annex building.  I am praying that once these projects are completed, a slew of new children and youth will come ready to learn about having the rest that can only be found in a relationship with Jesus. WE have a steep road ahead, so please continue praying that we experience more and more changed hearts and minds as we bring a young generation to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

    In HIS service,

    Cory Gardner, FBCS Youth Pastor



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