There are so many things on the church’s calendar!  It’s a little overwhelming until you remember where our strength comes from!  The church is dedicated to doing Kingdom work and the power comes from the King!

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      04.30.19 | Message From Pastor Rob | by Rob Purdy

      "For us, let’s be both bold and courageous in speaking the Word of God to our community and let’s be bold and confident in our ability to personally approach God through our faith in His resurrected Son, Jesus Christ!"


        04.02.19 | Message From Pastor Rob | by Rob Purdy

        I was blessed reading Mark’s Gospel this week.  The above verse from Mark, Chapter 3 jumped out at me as often happens when reading the Living and Active Word of God!  “He looked at those seated in a circle around him…”


          02.26.19 | Message From Pastor Rob | by Rob Purdy

          "I believe that if we are faithful to the preaching of the Word and sharing the Love of Jesus with our community, we will prosper construction or not!  Amen?"


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